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Pawpaw Inc.
Genre: Weather
Price: $ 0.99
Release Date: May 25, 2013

Sunrise Sunset HD is a powerful, easy to use application to calculate Sunrise, Sunset, Solar noon, Dawn, Dusk, Total daylight. The app not only shows the information for the current day, but also can calculate any day in the past or future.

Sunrise Sunset HD uses iPhone or iPod touch’s ability to locate itself to determine the latitude and longitude for its calculations, so you don’t have to pick a city or location — it’s automatic.

In addition to using the current location. Sunrise Sunset HD has a self-contained list of locations from around the world for displaying times for other locations.

When using locations from the database, Sunrise Sunset HD can operate without a WiFi, cellular or GPS signal.

– Support iOS 7
– Support Retina
– Animated background
– Use current date or select a custom date
– Select a location from a huge list of cities
– Automatically calculated based on GPS time zone
– Select a location from world map
– Save custom locations, including the latitude, longitude and timezone

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