OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit

OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit

OWI  Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit

  • Step away from the grid – Hydraulic Robotic Arm – No Electricity or batteries needed
  • Discover hydro-mechanical technology and have fun operating your own hydro-mechanical robotic arm
  • Removal the gripper and activate the suction apparatus. Enables operators to “vacuum” and lift objects
  • 6 Axes of movement: Gripper opens to 1.89 inches, Wrist rotation 180 degrees, Wrist mobility 98 degrees, Elbow range 44 degrees, Base rotation 270 degrees, and shoulder motion 45 degrees
  • Detailed graphic illustrations equate to successful kit building. – OWI products are made in Taiwan and include assembly instructions only in English. Other items not matching these descriptions are illegal copies

Robotic arm technology just got a little more interesting with hydro-mechanically fun. With Hydraulic Arm Edge, you will command six axes of varied movements: the gripper to open and close up to 1.89 inches, wrist rotation of 180 degrees, wrist mobility of 98 degrees, elbow range of 44 degrees, base rotation of 270 degrees, and shoulder motion of 45 degrees. With a vertical reach of 16.35 inches, horizontal reach of 12.42 inches, and lifting capacity of 50g, your robotic friend is ready for your genius to erupt. With the removal of the gripper, you can activate the suction apparatus. This feature enables the user to elevate objects with a larger surface area (like a small mobile phone). Another prodigious attribution is a braking system that is integrated in the lever controllers to execute all commands accurately. WOW! How does this equate to fun? Your children will have total command and manipulation using the science principles of a Hydraulic system and its application. Easy to follow instructions with detailed graphic illustrations pave the way for successful and satisfying kit building. Compliment your engineering, math, science, and technology (STEM) learning strategy. No battery or motor required. It is powered by water; thus, the “Hydraulic” significance and how it manipulates axes movement via lever controllers. – For more than 3 decades, OWI continues its pursuit to satisfy educational instructors and the most discriminating parents. Hydraulic Arm Edge is recommended for ages 10 and up, but with its 229 assembly parts, it will challenge the beginner engineering enthusiasts.

List Price: $ 63.99

Price: $ 39.95

SainSmart 4-Axis Desktop Robotic Arm, Assembled for Arduino UNO MEGA2560

SainSmart 4-Axis Desktop Robotic Arm, Assembled for Arduino UNO MEGA2560

  • Simulate real palletizing robot arm structure
  • PVC material, CNC processing, Active joint bearing connection
  • Adopts MG995 55g metal gear servo 3pcs
  • Maximum arm distance: 300mm
  • Using three MG995 55g copper gear 13kg/cm working torque servos 180 degrees

Controller Specifications:

* Digital I/O port 0~13
* Analog I/O port 0~5
* Support USB interface protocol and power supply
* Support ISP download function
* Support single chip TX/RX terminals
* Support USB to TTL TX/RX terminals
* Support AREF terminals
* Support 6 PWM terminals
* Input voltage: USB power supply or external 7-12V DC input
* Output voltage: 5V DC output/3.3V DC and external power input
* Adopts Atmel Atmega328P-PU
* Size: 70*54mm

MG995 55g Servo Specifications:

* Size: 40.7*19.7*42.9mm
* Working torque: 13kg/cm
* Respond rotation speed: 53-62R/M
* Working temperature: -30~+60 C
* Dead zone: 4ms
* Plug: JR, Tutaba
* Rotation angle: 180 degree
* Analog servo
* Working current: 100mA
* Working voltage: 3-7.2V
* Metal gear, coreless motor, two ball bearing
* Operation speed: 0.17s/60degree(4.8V); 0.13S/60degree(6.0V)

SG90 9G servo specifications:

* Size: 23*12.2*29mm
* Weight: 9g
* Working torque: 1.6kg/cm
* Respond rotation speed: 0.12-0.13s/60degree
* Working temperature: -30~+60 C
* Dead zone: 5ms
* Plug: JR, Tutaba
* Rotation angle: 180 degree
* Analog sero
* Working current: 100mA
* Working voltage: 3.5-6V
* Metal gear

Package List:

1 x servo mechanical arm set
3 x MG995 55G servo
1 x SG90 9G servo

List Price: $ 114.99

Price: $ 114.99

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