KISAE Technology HS1800-60-00 Home Solar 1800 Kit

KISAE Technology HS1800-60-00 Home Solar 1800 Kit

KISAE Technology HS1800-60-00 Home Solar 1800 Kit

  • 1800 Watts of power to run refrigerators, microwave ovens, televisions, lights, fans, and more
  • 60Ah battery provides long run time, and additional batteries can be added
  • Plug and Play, no installation required
  • Built-in transfer swich allows the home solar unit to be used as an uninterruptible power supply
  • One year warranty
  • The first complete home solar power kit on the market
  • No fuel requirements
  • Easily installs anywhere
  • Affordable backup power for the home and completely silent operation with no fumes
  • Simple modular design 1800 Watt can be upgraded to meet your power needs

The KISAE Home Solar Kit 1800 provides up to 1800 watts of power from AC outlets for mobile or emergency power, providing endless power supply and indefinite battery recharge capability. The product is safe for indoor use with silent operation and no fuel requirements or fumes. This product is easy to install plug-and-play simplicity. KISAE Home Solar Kit 1800 features and benefits are provides peace of mind during power outages, quick-connect port to attach 140W (or smaller) solar panel, 80 Watt crystalline solar panel, 1800 Watt power inverter, 60Ah battery, all-weather capability –usable year round, does not need to be grid-tied, does not require electrical company installation and additional batteries and solar inputs can be added to expand system. The following items are included with the KISAE Home Solar Kit 1800: (1) 80W folding Solar Power with stand, (1) Power Inverter, (1) Battery Box, (1) 5 Amp AC Charger, (1) Permanent Mount Kit, (1) 140W 8A Solar Charge Controller and (1) Built-in Automatic Transfer Switch.

List Price: $ 985.14

Price: $ 985.14

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