50 Ways to Make Money With Instagram

50 Ways to Make Money With Instagram

50 Ways to Make Money With Instagram

Need more money? Love Instagram? Why not make money with Instagram?
Very few people know there is an opportunity to make money easily with Instagram. Jump on board before the masses figure this out. There is a window of opportunity now that may not be available later on. this e-book offers a list of 50 different ways on how to make money with Instagram, there is no reason why you can not make money with Instragram.


How to Do Everything: iPhone 5

How to Do Everything: iPhone 5

Maximize the power of your iPhone 5

Master the versatile features of your iPhone 5 and stay organized, connected, informed, and entertained. How to Do Everything: iPhone 5 covers iOS 6 and the new capabilities added to the core functions and apps, such as Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Safari, Mail, Camera, Maps, FaceTime, and iTunes. You’ll also learn how to use iCloud, Notification Center, and Siri. Plus, discover tips on finding and downloading additional apps that can dramatically increase your iPhone’s performance. This hands-on guide covers it all!

  • Get assistance from Siri and use the Dictation feature
  • Import and sync data from your computer, iCloud, and other iOS devices
  • Discover preinstalled apps and download additional apps
  • Make and receive calls, use voicemail, and set up custom ringtones
  • Manage Contacts and stay organized with Calendar, Reminders, and Notes
  • Surf the Web with Safari
  • Shoot, edit, and share photos and videos
  • Navigate with turn-by-turn directions using the newly redesigned Maps app
  • Manage e-mail accounts, use text messaging, and connect to social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter Video chat via FaceTime or Skype
  • Experience multimedia entertainment and read e-books and digital editions of newspapers and magazines
  • Play exciting single- and multi-player games
  • Protect and troubleshoot your iPhone 5

McGraw-Hill Computing Series Comparison

quicksteps How to do Everything Kickstart
Beginner Beginner – Intermediate Intermediate
The QuickSteps series features a full-color,
heavily illustrated, step-by-step
format designed for readers who are visual
learners. The landscape-oriented layout
displays screenshots with callouts that show
and explain exactly what readers will see
on their computer screens, making it easy
to get things done. QuickSteps numbered
actions and QuickFacts sidebars break down
information into easy-to-accomplish actions.
The How to Do Everything series offers a
friendly, results-oriented approach, provides
broad coverage, and leads readers from
beginning to intermediate skills. Featuring
deep dives into a wide range of topics,
products, and technologies, the books cover
as much ground as possible to deliver a solid
learning overview. How To and Did You Know
sidebars give deliver step-by-step coverage
of specific features.
The Kickstart series helps readers hit
the ground running on day one with all
the features and functions of the latest
devices, software, and technologies quickly
and easily. Loaded with crisp, full-color
screenshots, these practical, visual guides
focus on the best ways to maximize today’s
innovative technologies. Tips and Now You
Know sidebars offers solutions to potential
pitfalls and veteran insight helps readers
get even more out of a gadget, tool, or

List Price: $ 27.00

Price: $ 8.40

Ion Air Pro Compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad/Android Devices

Ion Air Pro Compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad/Android Devices

  • Lightweight – lighter than 4.5 oz., it’s one of the lightest action cameras in the industry
  • No raincoat required – waterproof to 30-Feet, complete with waterproof microphone to enable high quality audio while offering protection from the elements. This device does not need an additional waterproof outer casing
  • The optional ION Wi-Fi PODZ attachment offers real time shoot & share
  • Simple to use one touch function allows simultaneous camera start, record and still image capture all with one finger
  • HD recording – 1080p, 960p and 720p video resolution recording, FREE 8 GB cloud storage on the ION CLOUD

The new ION AIR PRO, from ION Worldwide, is one of the first Smart Phone compatible action cameras that allows users to shoot high definition video and share in real time via social networking sites. So now, your latest ski run can be uploaded to your Facebook page before you’ve even taken off your ski boots!. This clever electronic device comprises two parts: the ION AIR PRO action camera, when fitted with the detachable accessory – The ION Wi-Fi PODZ, enables users to replay video footage and seamlessly transfer it to YouTube, Facebook or the Internet without the need for a computer or cables. The product’s “Shoot & Share” Technology is also fully compatible with both iOS (iPod/iPhone/iPad) and Android devices. This allows users to control the AIR PRO camera functions and settings direct from a Smartphone or Tablet. The relevant iOS Apps can be downloaded free of charge from ION WorldWide via iTunes. An Android APP will also be available in the near future. Additionally, the CamLOCK Mounting System allows users to attach the AIR PRO camera to any type of helmet such as motor and mountain bike, ski, skydive as well as a handlebar attachment for mounting the camera onto bicycles, jet skis, 4×4 off roadsters and motor bikes. The CamLOCK Mounting System is designed to be flexible and record video from all angles without the need to re-mount the camera. Box Contains: ION Air Pro Camera, USB cable, Audio/Video cable, USB Adaptor: Pouch, Tripod, Securing string, CamLOCK, Quick Start Guide, Tin Box, Warranty: 1 year from the date of purchase Customer Service: ION Worldwide believes you should get answers when you need them, so we offer support from our service center located in the US.

List Price: $ 229.99

Price: $ 129.00

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